Intuitive Intelligence for Precision Wellness, Health Care, and Self Care for the Next Generations

Time is all that matters in life, but your body can't tell you soon enough when something goes out of control. Today plenty of data from Internet of Things gizmos all around us can be distilled into predictive signals that, 24/7, help your quality of life

Blood Glucose

Calories matter only after everything has already turned to ashes. The ONLY METRIC appropriate for controlling Nutrition and Life on our Planet is Glucose Bioavailability.

Unprecedented Level of Personalization

In addition to the user's anthropometric profile, our mathematical models of the metabolic system include specific dynamic parameters: e.g., Doctor.xls

Optimizing Real Time bio-Available Glucose

Users of our technology generate real time predictions of glucose levels that would follow simple everyday activities like meals, exercise, or taking medications: testing the blood glucose level several times each day becomes unnecessary

Brain Matters

From depression to PTSD, from ADHD to brain injury due to hypoglycemia, and many other neurological conditions, there is a need to quickly and inexpensively evaluate as much as possible and with as much location precision as possible: we offer a high quality Brain Map generating service. (Direct Upload of your .edf EEG file from this web page.)

LivProactiv Supplements & Devices

To Be Disclosed at a later time

Insulin Effect Calculator

The insulin effect calculator is presented here only for educational purposes. Although based on pharmaco-kinetics data provided by the insulin manufacturers, they are no more related with what will actually happen in your body than your horoscope or your date of brith.


Meal Effect Calculator

These calculators will help you estimate how a meal will convert into blood glucose over time. Whichever one you choose, please try to estimate the quantity in the meal selected as best as you can, paying attention to the serving size as measured or as printed on the package and by how many servings you will actually eat.


Our Technology

We Offer a Technology-Based Cure for What Ails Diabetes Management Based on the scientific solutions that we have created, we offer diabetics the opportunity to eliminate the daily guesswork:
  • Wondering about what to eat, or how much insulin to give and when to give it, are all taken care of by our company’s technology

  • A paradigm shift in disease management:
  • Moving the industry away from a test-fix-test approach and towards a real time control achieved through the company’s proactive, feed-forward approach to disease management.

  • We replace Calories-In-Calories-Out metabolic control with Optimized Real Time Available Glucose control.

    Not All Calories Are Equal

    Technology Validation

    Phase I clinical tests (human subjects) done in 1995-1996 at Duke University’s Clinical Research Center;

    Clinical data proves that our solution is the only one capable of proactive control of blood glucose levels in Type I diabetes.

    Further clinical proof: The US Nutrisystem company is successfully using foods with low glycemic index to manage obesity and type 2 diabetes for thousands of patients.

    Additional clinical data is needed – replicating the Duke protocol at other clinics and/or obtaining user feedback.

    Platform technology: can form the basis for hundreds of additional solutions and patents. Three issued U.S. Patents.

    Other Technologies

    The Greg’s Active Knee Brace

    Knee Brace to Prevent Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

    An Active Knee Brace deploys two small airbags above and below the knee to prevent ACL injury when performing certain high risk activities.


    Please Insert Your .EDF File Here To Get Back The Corresponding Brain Map.

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