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“The biology of the future is going to be the study of how networks of proteins operate in the context of complex living systems. What we really want to know about genes is not how they operate in isolation but how they operate in functional networks….. It will be necessary for us to make models of very complex systems. And this is where we’re going to need a good deal of help from our friends in mathematics and computational science. This is where the biotech-infotech convergence will pay its most significant dividends.” (Leroy Hood, William Gates III Professor and Chair, Department of Molecular Biotechnology, Univ. of Washington: The Human Genome Project and the Future of Biology: The Promise of “Systems Biology”)

Our Company’s mission is to bridge this gap by using mathematical modeling and dynamic system control tools to discover how functional networks operate in time …

… Because Time Is All That Matters.

We appear to be the first in the world to apply Zakian’s “Total System” approach to living systems. There is no name yet for what we do, but here is how we’d like people to think about what we do: Proactive Metabolics Co. develops tools that emphasize pro-active control, because that it is what life does.

Because the same predictive methodology can be applied to other metabolic processes, our proprietary position will enable us to build a very prosperous business as the first mover in the important, emerging biomedical area of web-based, personalized, interactive medical informatics.

If the gentle visitor was looking for the Genetic Regulatory Networks people, them folks are working at the other end of this Great Railroad. This here is like the first worker colony in Iowa.

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