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Where can I use this technology?

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Future Accessibility

You will soon be able to stay healthy all day by using any smart device or accessing your personal Internet of Things cloud. With the non stop evolution of technology, health has become the most recent topic of conversation and with our patented mathematical modeling made into an algorithm, our technology has become ubiquitous and simple to use, based on any ailment or just the desire to better your overall health. Whether it be in a personal health cloud, being signed up to our services online or any new form of technology not yet discovered, our technology can easily be transferred into any new cutting edge method used for health management.

Device Connectivity

We are currently working on integrating our technology with Amazon’s Alexa, Samsung Smart Things, and other devices to optimize your metabolic control experience. We foresee a future where the main type of management is done with the help of AI’s such as Alexa for Amazon, Siri for Apple or any other smart AI device. Having this available to the user is the perfect Segway to LivProActiv’s primary goal of having it connected to the internet of things (IoT). This will enable anyone, with any illness to utilize the effectiveness of our algorithm, not just people afflicted with diabetes.


The customer weigh themselves with their scale that is connected to IoT. Once the current reading is stored, it automatically sends the information to the user’s personal IoT cloud. Since the LivPro app will also be sitting in the same IoT cloud, the information goes straight to LivPro, and the algorithm is immediately changed so the predictions is extremely precis based on the individual’s personal health details.

The customer is about to eat the annual Thanksgiving dinner. They will eat turkey, potatoes, a healthy portion of sides and pie. Knowing this, they tell the AI connected to the IoT cloud. The cloud automatically calculates the amount of each nutrient they will consume for the meal and sends it to the LivPro App. LivPro then takes this information, puts it into the algorithm, and it will say how the meal will affect the user and relays it to the AI so it can tell the customer what will happen and when it will happen. Allowing optimal real time control.

Rocket Science for the Body

Since everyone’s body is different, our methodology takes this into account by using a short but required interview. We can then use our ground breaking calculators. The calculators use precise estimations to say how the event just performed (Eat, Exercise, Insulin injected) will affect the user’s glucose level, based on the information that they provided.


“I never knew this is all it takes to manage my diabetes!”
from Hollywood
“I feel so much better, I finally have the energy to play with my kids.”
from Jacksonville

“Really informative and easy to understand”
John Doe
from Athens
“I can’t believe it! I never thought of what I just ate will affect my glucose 4 hours from now! AWESOME!"